North Lincolnshire Secure Parking


Park Mark is the BPA's (British Parking Association) award for car and truck parks that meet a high standard of safety for vehicles and their drivers.

The award is backed by the police who assess each parking area to make sure the parking meets their criteria. Regular onsite visits mean Scunthorpe Truck Stop will maintain and improve standards. we provide drivers, logistics firms and transport companies the peace of mind they require.


TAPA (Transport Asset Protection Association)

TAPA is a global association which unites all aspects of the supply chain with the aim of reducing crime and providing a secure environment for manufacturers and the transportation of their goods.

As a partner of TAPA we can offer assurance that our truck park has been assessed and is deemed a safe place to park and protect your truck and cargo.

Scunthorpe Truck Stop provides safe shelter for drivers facing increasing levels of targeted crime while parking. Many traditional parking sites such as laybys are just too dangerous.

Fuel theft is being reported daily from drivers parked up in laybys up and down the country.

Curtains slashed and Load theft is happening more and more in unsecured locations. Opportune criminals are always on the prowl looking for high value loads while drivers sleep. Even empty wagons can have the inconvenience and cost of repairing curtains.

Scunthorpe Truck Stop has ANPR cameras on entry and exit and is fully covered by HD CCTV. No one can exit our site without either paying for parking or by getting permission from our team. Qualities which make us one of the most secure parking sites in the UK.